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"... And they shall be all taught of God ..."

- John 6:45

Q: Can my student pick and choose the courses he would like to take or does he have to take his entire class load at Northpoint?

A: Students in 4th through 12th grade are free to take one class or multiple classes, depending on the needs and desires of each family.

Students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade may only enroll in a morning block schedule (8:30 a.m. - 11:25 a.m.) that may include subjects such as Math, Handwriting, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Bible. They can add additional electives in the afternoon.

Q: Why do I need to pay a separate enrollment fee for the Elementary/Intermediate program and the Middle School/High School program?

A: Both programs have separate administrative, staff and facility expenses and the enrollment fee helps offset these costs.

Q: What if we decide to drop a class in the middle of the school year?

A: Enrollment in a class is for the entire school year if it is a year-long class or for two quarters if it is a semester class. Within the first two weeks of a class, a student may choose early termination without penalty. However, the first tuition installment is non-refundable. After the two-week period, there is an $80.00 Early Termination Fee for 1 hour and 1½ hour classes and a $120.00 Early Termination Fee for AM or PM blocks (Kindergarten – 3rd grade). This fee is payable to Northpoint. (See 3. Early Termination Policy on the Tuition page.)

Q: Can students attend Northpoint if they have a learning disability or have received accommodations (i.e. IEP or 504) from another school?

A: While under certain circumstances, Northpoint can be a good fit for students with learning challenges, Northpoint is not equipped nor are teachers and staff specifically trained in this area. In addition, students must be able to conduct themselves in the classroom without being a disruption and must also be able to complete the work outlined in each course description.

Q: If a student struggles with anxiety, can he or she still attend Northpoint?

A: Students must be able to conduct themselves in the classroom without being a disruption and must also be able to complete the work outlined in each course. For example, many classes require presentations in front of the teacher and peers as part of the class grade. If the student is unable to complete the assignment, he or she will be unable to earn the points for that presentation.

Q: What if my student has a medical condition that may cause extended absences?

A: Northpoint’s attendance policy is outlined in #7 of the Overview. Exceptions to the attendance policy (a maximum of four (4) days per semester) can be requested through the administration. Upon administrative approval, a written plan will be put in place by the teacher(s) outlining expectations for completion of all missed work.

Q: Is Northpoint affiliated with the church?

A: Northpoint has a rental agreement with Grace Church. Northpoint is a non-denominational program and is unaffiliated with any specific denomination or church.

Q: What if we do not have our children immunized?

A: Immunization records are not mandatory.

Q: Where does my student go if she has a free period between classes?

A: There is no study hall for kindergarten through sixth grade students. Students who have a gap in their schedules will need to be picked up by a parent or legal guardian and then returned to campus in time for their next class.

All middle school and high school students must be enrolled in a study hall if they are present on the campus but are not in class. Study halls are $200.00 per year payable in four (4) $50.00 installments.

Q: Is my enrollment fee refundable if we change our minds before classes begin?

A: No, the enrollment fee is non-refundable.

Q: What is the purpose of the administrative/technology fee?

A: This fee goes toward administrative/support staff salaries, web site support, building rental fees, custodial services, insurance, and other miscellaneous office expenses.

Q: What is the purpose of the facility fee?

A: This fee is charged per family to offset the cost of security, traffic control and other expenses related to the facility rental.

Q: What is the purpose of a supply fee?

A: Northpoint teachers do not have office equipment such as copiers available to them in our facility. They must utilize copy centers and other office supply stores for copies and supplies. The supply fee helps to offset this cost.

Q: What is the purpose of the lab fee?

A: The lab fee is typically for a science class and is used to purchase materials and supplies for experiments, dissections, and other class projects.

Q: Will Northpoint provide my high school student with a transcript that can be used for college applications?

A: Northpoint provides quarterly grades, but each parent is responsible for maintaining their student’s transcript.

Q: When is the latest date I can change my student’s schedule?

A: You may add, delete, or change a class without charge until June 30, 2020.

Q: Can my student go to Northpoint if he has been suspended or expelled from another school or homeschool program?

A: Students must be in good standing with any previous school or homeschool program in order to be considered for enrollment at Northpoint.

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