Northpoint Homeschool Classes

"... And they shall be all taught of God ..."

- John 6:45

Today I visited Northpoint for the first time since graduation. It is so crazy to me how I can still remember my first day as a sophomore in high school. I was a totally different kind of person and I remember how broken I used to be. God has taken me on such an amazing ride these past three years and He used Northpoint in such an incredible way! I met some of the best people in my entire life and even though I went through hard times, going to Northpoint made life worth fighting for. People truly take for granted having good people in their lives, such as your teachers or peers; but as for me, I was grateful beyond belief that God sent me to Northpoint.

-- Angela Hasler, Northpoint Graduate

  1. Enrollment Criteria

    Students and parents must complete the online application and the interview process before enrollment is finalized.

    All parents must be willing to honor our Statement of Faith. At least one parent must sign the agreement to our Statement of Faith and provide a testimony of how they came into a relationship with Christ.

    At least one parent must read and sign agreement to the Personal Appearance Standards, Code of Conduct, Financial Agreement and Release of Liability.

    Parents must be available and willing to be in an active partnership with Northpoint in the education of their children.

    It is the responsibility of the parents to disclose to Northpoint administration any special circumstance regarding their child, including learning challenges, medical conditions, anxiety disorders, food allergies or any other areas of concern. An important enrollment criteria is that the student must be able to conduct himself or herself in the classroom without being a disruption and must also be able to complete the work outlined in each course description.

    Parents understand it is their responsibility to maintain their student's permanent transcripts.

    Any student who has been expelled or suspended from a school or educational program will not be considered for enrollment at Northpoint.

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  3. Code of Conduct / Personal Appearance Standards [ Back to Top]

    The Code of Conduct and the Personal Appearance Standards documents are to be read and agreed to by both the student and their parent/legal guardian. It specifically details expected standards of behavior and appearance.

    As part of our middle/high school personal appearance standards, all students are to wear designated Northpoint shirts (t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts or hooded sweatshirts). This shirt must be the top layer and cannot be covered up with another shirt, jacket, sweater, etc. 

    Northpoint shirts cannot be altered in any way i.e. cut, torn, shrunk, etc. They must be ordered so that they fit properly, following the guidelines stated in the Personal Appearance Standards.

    Northpoint shirts may be purchased at and should be ordered no later than Thursday, July 30, 2020 . All shirt orders will be handed out at the Orientation Meeting Monday, August 17, 2020.

    Click here to View Code of Conduct and Personal Appearance Standards

  4. Statement of Faith [ Back to Top ]

    The Statement of Faith document is to be read by both the student and their parent/legal guardian.

    Click here to View Statement of Faith

  5. Academic Code of Conduct [ Back to Top ]

    Northpoint teachers and staff partner with our parents and students to provide academic resources to homeschool families. All teachers strive to provide academic instruction that meets or exceeds Indiana state requirements. Teachers will provide a syllabus at the beginning of the school year that outlines specific expectations, with adjustments and updates as necessary. Classes at Northpoint meet only twice a week; therefore, it is essential that students remain accountable for academic work on the days Northpoint classes do not meet. It is the nature of homeschooling that parents will need to facilitate this accountability.

    It is our desire to help every student achieve his or her full potential. We recognize that each student learns differently so we strongly encourage parents to communicate specific concerns to their student's teachers. In order to uphold Northpoint's tradition of academic excellence and integrity to its families, we have established a Code of Academic Conduct for our middle school and high school students. This Code is based on cooperation and communication between Northpoint teachers, staff, parents, and students and includes specifications regarding attendance, tardiness, student preparation, and graduation requirements.

    Click Here to View Academic Code of Conduct to read the complete policy.

  6. Release of Liability [ Back to Top ]

    The Release of Liabiity document is to be read and agreed to by both the student and their parent/legal guardian.

    Click here to View Release of Liability

  7. Attendance/Tardy Procedures [ Back to Top ]


    Indiana law requires that all students, including homeschool students, attend school 180 days each school year. Northpoint meets 72 days each school year and the remaining school days are completed at home. Consistent attendance is critical to the academic success of a student.

    Students are limited to four absences each semester. This includes planned and unplanned absences. Exceptions to this policy need to be addressed with the administration.

    If a student exceeds the limit of four absences per semester, the student will receive one point on the Northpoint Point System (see Overview, section 12).

    In the event of an extended absence - excused or unexcused - teachers will charge $25.00/hour (minimum of two hours) to work with the student to makeup missed instruction, assignments and tests.

    Teachers are required to deduct participation points in the event of an unexcused student absence. Teachers may enforce 'black out' days when students may not have a pre-arranged absence. Examples include, but are not limited to, the day before a school break (Christmas, Spring Break, etc.), the date of a class presentation, etc.

    Planned absences, such as family vacations, need to be arranged no less than two weeks in advance with the administrator and teachers. These absences will be considered excused and teachers will cooperate with the student and parents to make arrangements for the student to make up any missed work.

    If a student will be absent because of an illness or other unforeseen circumstance, the parent must notify the Administrator before the end of the school day on which the absence occurs in order for the absence to be considered excused.

    If a student is absent but the parent has not contacted the administrator, the absence will be unexcused and that student may be subject to consequences set by individual teachers.

    Unexcused absences may lead to disciplinary action, including loss of social study hall or detention.

    Students are given one Northpoint school day (Tuesdays/Thursdays) for each day he or she is absent to turn in missed assignments or tests.

    These are guidelines and the administration reserves the right to determine the appropriate disciplinary measure at its discretion.


    Students are expected to be in their seats at the beginning of the class period. When students arrive late, it is a disruption to the entire class. At the beginning of each period, all classroom doors will be closed. Any student arriving late will only be permitted into class if they have a tardy slip obtained at the hall monitor's table. If Northpoint receives a phone call, e-mail or text message from the parent before the beginning of that class period, or if the student arrives with a note signed by his or her parent, the tardy will be considered excused.

    A student who arrives late to class without a written note from his or her parent or without prior notice will receive an unexcused tardy and will be subject to consequences set by individual teachers.

    Three unexcused tardy arrivals will also result in a one-hour detention as well as one point on the Northpoint Point System (see Overview, section 12).Detentions are served on the following class day during the student's study hall. If the student does not have a study hall, arrangements must be made by the parent to bring the student one hour before his or her first class or to stay at Northpoint one hour after his or her last class.

    If a student has excessive tardy arrivals - whether excused or unexcused - the parent(s)/legal guardians(s) will be contacted.

    These are guidelines and the administration reserves the right to determine the appropriate disciplinary measure at its discretion.

  8. Electronics Policy[ Back to Top]

    Middle school and high school students are permitted to bring electronic devices, including cell phones, laptops, tablets, musical devices and game devices to Northpoint for use in study hall and lunch.

    Laptops and tablets may be used in the classroom with teacher permission and for classroom use only.

    Cell phones, musical devices and game devices may NOT be used in the classroom at any time.

    It is expected that all Northpoint students will exercise personal responsibility in the content that is viewed on any electronic device. Northpoint teachers and staff reserve the right to monitor content at its discretion and respond accordingly.

  9. Building Restrictions [ Back to Top ]

    Students, who are not in a specific class, must remain in the designated Study Hall room. This includes time between classes, lunch, and when waiting to be picked up at the end of class.

    Students are not to be lingering in hallway, restrooms, or parking lot.

  10. Drop-off/Pick-up Procedures [ Back to Top ]

    Northpoint Elementary/Intermediate:

    Absolutely NO students are allowed in the building before 8:20 a.m.

    All elementary/intermediate students should enter the north parking lot at the front of the church and be dropped off and picked up at door #1. Parents are required to follow the traffic line and drop off students at the door. Children will be escorted into the building by a Northpoint teacher or staff member.

    Parents are required to pick up their students promptly at the end of their last class.

    Northpoint Middle School/High School

    Absolutely NO students are allowed in the building before 8:30 a.m.

    Students are to be dropped off at the gym door (by door #7) and enter the gym.

    If a student needs to leave the building during his or her class hours he/she must sign out with either hall monitor. If the student is returning during the same day, he or she must sign back in with the same monitor.

    Parents are required to pick up their students promptly at the end of their last class.

    For students who drive:

    Students must enter the parking lot from 86th Street and exit the lot onto Hague Road.

    Students should park in the parking lot by the basketball courts and enter door #7. Students must use extreme caution. Students need to be aware of people and cars in the parking lot and are to keep their speed under 5 miles per hour at all times on the Northpoint campus. Students must not drive in a reckless or irresponsible manner. This includes but is not limited to speeding, 'donuts', driving while other students are sitting on the car, etc.

    Students may not drive together during their class hours.

    If students carpool to and from school they may ONLY drive together at the beginning and end of their scheduled classes. Students participating in a carpool must be listed on the Student Driver Permission Form of the student(s) who will be doing the driving. If a student wishes to leave campus during a study hall or lunch, but intends to return to school, he or she may not drive with another student.

    When student is ready to leave the building, he/she must leave the property. There is to be no lingering or horseplay in the parking lot.

  11. Discipline [ Back to Top]

    Northpoint is different from a traditional school as teachers, students and parents all work together to maximize the educational process. At all stages of the disciplinary process, parents will be kept informed and involved.

    While the following disciplinary actions are guidelines, there may be exceptions based on certain offenses that merit individual evaluation and judgment by the Administrator. We reserve the right to determine certain disciplinary measures at our discretion. Please note that the following guidelines are not necessarily in chronological order.

    Elementary/Intermediate Students:

    Each teacher will have specific expectations and disciplinary procedures for his or her classroom.

    If a student is displaying inappropriate behavior, disciplinary consequences may include, but are not limited to, removal from the classroom, placement in a separate lunch room, requirement to help with clean-up responsibilities such as trash removal and classroom set-up. Students may also receive a demerit slip to be signed by parents for all disciplinary actions.

    Middle School/High School Students:


    A student who disobeys certain rules or standards set forth by Northpoint will receive a demerit. The demerit will be signed by a parent and returned to the Administrator. Three demerits will result in a detention. Demerits are given for disciplinary issues such as dress code violations, physical horseplay, failure to sign-in and sign-out when leaving during school hours or other general disobedience issues.


    Detentions will be given after three demerits or three unexcused tardy arrivals. A student who receives a detention will be required to spend his or her lunch period in the office with the Administrator. If the student does not normally stay for lunch other arrangements will need to be made with the parent.

    If a student receives three detentions, the Administrator and/or Board of Advisors will determine if further action should be taken, including the possibility of expulsion.

    For All Students:


    If Northpoint deems an issue worthy of a suspension, it reserves the right to make that judgment as necessary. The length of the suspension will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

    Depending on the circumstance, the suspension may be served at home and that student will receive a zero on any missed work, including tests, and will be unable to make up missed work OR it may be served at Northpoint in a work-related discipline such as setting tables, cleaning designated areas of the building or other tasks deemed appropriate by the Administrator.


    There are certain standards of behavior, which if disobeyed, could result in immediate expulsion from Northpoint Homeschool Classes. Expulsion includes discontinued enrollment from academic courses and participation in Northpoint's athletic program. Expelled students are also prohibited from attending any Northpoint-related events or activities.

    These behaviors include, but are not limited, to the following:
    • possession or use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, and illegal drugs
    • possession of dangerous weapons
    • sexual activity
    • cheating (second offense)
    • physical harassment
    • profanity (verbal or written)
  12. Discontinued Enrollment [ Back to Top ]

    The Board of Advisors reserves the right to revoke enrollment at any time at their discretion. Three paths to discontinuation of enrollment at Northpoint Homeschool Classes are:

    1. As stated in the Student Handbook, there are certain behavioral issues that may result in immediate expulsion.
    2. A student whose grade point average falls below 2.5 for two consecutive quarters may result in an academic dismissal.
    3. Northpoint operates on a "Point System" that can lead to discontinuation of enrollment. This system is based on academics, behavior and attendance. The accumulation of three points may result in discontinuation of enrollment.
      • BEHAVIOR - If a student earns a detention he or she will receive one point. If a student earns a suspension he or she will receive two points.
      • ATTENDANCE - If a student exceeds the limit of four absences per semester, the student will receive one point. If a student has a pattern of tardy arrivals - even if excused by a parent - that student will receive one point.
      • ACADEMIC - Any student whose GPA falls below 2.5 at the end of a quarter will receive one point.
    Students whose enrollment is discontinued after receiving three points will not receive a refund of enrollment or administrative fees.

    If a student receives three points for behavioral issues, he or she will be discontinued from academic courses, participation in Northpoint's athletic program as well as attendance at Northpoint-related event or activity.

  13. Communication Policy [ Back to Top ]

    It is our desire that all communication between parent/student and teacher/administration be done in a manner that reflects our Christian faith and values. Failure to do this has the potential to lead to an attitude of complaining and gossip.

    It is therefore the policy at Northpoint that, should a concern arise regarding a teacher, the administration, a member of the board, another parent or student, the appropriate first step is to directly address that concern to the person(s) involved. This can be done in person (at a mutually agreed upon time), via e-mail, or by phone.

    When a complaint or grievance regarding Northpoint teachers, administration, other parents or students, is overheard, we ask that all involved remember this Communication Policy and encourage those people to go directly to the persons(s) involved. This will also serve to avoid the temptation to gossip and spread unsubstantiated rumors around the Northpoint family.

    We also strongly encourage anyone who is struggling with ill feelings toward another Northpoint family, teacher, administration, or a member of the Board of Advisors to refrain from discussing these issues or feelings with others. This is again to avoid gossip and the fostering of a critical attitude.

  14. Parental Participation [ Back to Top ]
    There are always opportunities for parents to participate at Northpoint. The following are some ways that parents can be involved with the program on a volunteer basis:
    • Fundraising
    • Special Activities
    • Graduation Ceremony
    • Lunch Monitor Duty (required)

    Parents are welcome to observe classes; however, we do ask that parents notify the teachers in advance.

  15. Visitors [ Back to Top]

    Visitors to the elementary/intermediate program need to park in the main lot and enter door #2 under the overhang.

    Visitors to the middle school/high school program need to park in lot by the basketball courts (off of Hague Road) and enter door #7.

    All visitors are required to sign in at the hall monitor's table and receive a visitor's tag.

    Parents/legal guardians, family members and Northpoint alumni may visit lunch at any time. We ask that these visits remain brief to allow the study hall monitor to be focused on the supervision of the students.

    Friends of students may visit for lunch with prior permission from the administrator. All visitors need to follow Northpoint's Code of Conduct and Personal Appearance Standards.

    No visitors are permitted in office or classrooms unless an appointment has been set in advance with the administrator and teacher.

  16. E-mail [ Back to Top]

    Our primary mode of communication is via e-mail. It is extremely important that you check your e-mail regularly to avoid missing important information.

  17. Grading Scale / Report Cards [ Back to Top ]

    Northpoint utilizes an online grading system. Students are assigned a personal id number to be used to access it. They can view grades, homework assignments and quarterly report cards. The report cards can be printed as a permanent record.

    The following is the grading scale that will be used at Northpoint.

    A 95-100 B- 80-82.9 D+ 67-69.9
    A- 90-94.9 C+ 77-79.9 D 63-66.9
    B+ 87-89.9 C 73-76.9 D- 60-62.9
    B 83-86.9 C- 70-72.9 F 59.9 and below

    Parents are responsible for maintaining these grades for their child's permanent transcript. For further information on this "topic", please visit the Indiana Department of Education Core 40 site.

  18. Textbooks [ Back to Top]

    Specific textbooks will be required for each class. The details can be found in the Class Detail Page which can be found by clicking on the class title under "Schedules".

    For additional new and used textbook resources, click on Textbooks.

  19. Student Council [ Back to Top ]

    Northpoint has a Student Council which consists of students who plan and supervise the chapel, assist in planning school social activities, and other school-related functions. Students on this board will go through an application process and must show spiritual maturity and leadership abilities. ( Middle School/High School only )

  20. Study Hall [ Back to Top]

    Northpoint Elementary/Intermediate:

    No study halls are offered for Kindergarten through 6th grade students.

    Northpoint Middle School/High School:

    Those students who have a period between classes must be enrolled in a study hall. Study hall is located in the gym where students may talk and socialize. There is a study hall monitor to oversee the students. If a student needs to use the restroom, he/she must obtain a pass from the study hall monitor. Students may also play games, including card games, as long as no betting (monetary or non-monetary) is involved. Eating is allowed in the social study hall.

    Students are allowed a maximum of two (2) study halls per day.

    Study hall is only available from 8:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. All students are to be picked up by 4:05 p.m. There is a ten minute grace period.   There will be a $5.00 charge for every five minute increment beyond 4:10 p.m.

  21. Snack Shop/Lunch [ Back to Top ]

    Northpoint has a snack shop that carries many food items for purchase. These items include bottled water, soft drinks, miscellaneous snacks and lunch items. Those students who wish to purchase these snacks may pay in cash or may put money towards a student account.

    There are also microwaves available if a student would like to bring something from home. If a student does bring a snack or lunch, they will also need to bring all paper products i.e. plate, bowl, plastic ware, etc.

    Students who stay at Northpoint for lunch eat in the gym.

  22. Chapel [ Back to Top]

    Chapel takes place five times a year during an extended lunch period. There will be a special chapel schedule for that day. Each period will be five minutes shorter in order to accommodate the chapel. All students who remain at Northpoint during the lunch period will be required to attend. The chapel will consist of a time of worship music, student testimonies and/or special guest speakers.

    Elementary and intermediate students eat in their classrooms on chapel days due to an overlapping schedule.

  23. Inclement Weather [ Back to Top ]

    In the event of inclement weather, please refer to our website at or local television stations. We will be listed as "Northpoint Homeschool Classes" which will include both elementary/intermediate and middle school/high school unless otherwise indicated.

  24. Class Pictures [ Back to Top ]

    Pictures will be offered and available for purchase at the beginning of the year.

  25. Other Events and Opportunities [ Back to Top ]

    Field trips, holiday parties, and other opportunities for fellowship will take place throughout the year.

  26. Board of Advisors [ Back to Top ]

    The Board of Advisors is responsible for establishing the organizational mission at Northpoint, as well as ensuring that mission is carried out. The current Board includes the following members:

    • Scott & Kathy Badger
    • Kurt & Pamella Berger
    • Emily Cochran
    • Tim & Elizabeth Inskeep
    • Shawn & Sarah Moore
    • Margaret Smith
    • Jon Streeter
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